Jake Kent

Work at Lightmatter

What is Lightmatter?

We are a software development and strategy firm, building new products and applications for ambitious entrepreneurs and organizations.


Fitzroy Toys

MeterX (Nov. 2017 - Present)

Role: Lead Developer

Beta Release starting in Feb. 2018!
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What is MeterX?

MeterX is a tool for companies that value their employees’ time and hate wasting money to reduce the number of low-value, wasteful meetings at their companies. MeterX fetches time, cost and value data about meetings from organization management systems like Google for Work, employers and employees and returns insights about the time, cost and value of meetings to leaders of the organization.

Overview of Work

Serve as lead developer of the website along with other Lightmatter developers and designers

Google API/Social Authentication Integration

Built in such a way that API integration and Social Authentication can be easily adapted to include many other organization management systems.

Google API

Social Authentication

Admin and Employee Dashboards
Admin Dashboard

Employee Dashboard

Fitzroy Toys

Fitzroy Toys (Sep. 2017 - Present)

Role: Developer
What is Fitzroy Toys?

Fitzroy Toys connects toy brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers with toy retailers and provides a platform for toy retailers to buy toys from those brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

Overview of My Work w/ Fitzroy Toys

ArchHacks 2016 Website (Repo) and Tech


January 2016 - Oct 2017


Built the website for ArchHacks, Wash U's premier hackathon, from scratch integrating Flask with an Apache server and collaborated with a website designer and mentored several other site developers to drive over 53,000 page views from over 14,000 unique users to the site.

Lead Site Designer

Emma Riley

Site Developers

Assistant Site Designer

Katelyn Miyasaki (Account Pages)

Technologies Utilized

Main Website Components
Landing Page
Jan 2016 - Oct 2017

Data Visualization Page
June 2016 - Oct 2017

User Accounts
Aug 2016 - Oct 2017


Main Responsibilities
DataVis Indp. Study

Data Visualization Independent Study

with Professor Alvitta Ottley

See my final report webpage

Taipei Language Institute

Taipei Language Institute: Volunteer Work (Repo)

in Taipei, Taiwan

July 2017


Worked entirely in Mandarin Chinese with a Taiwanese team to develop a video conferencing system for students and teachers at the Taipei Language Institute around the world. Used an Ubuntu server paired with a Kurento Media Server to stream live video between a scalable number of students and teachers through Websocket and WebRTC.

Technologies Utilized